STREET SKETCHBOOK JOURNEYS continues the theme of an artist’s creativity by looking further at the idea process. Featuring in-depth interviews and illustrated with sketchbooks and behind the scenes photographs this book follows the artistic journeys of thirty extraordinary artists from around the world. Some of these artists have been on travels that have inspired them while for others ‘the journey’ is a creative one which links the people and things they’re passionate about, which motivates them to create art. How do artists have ideas? What drives artists to make art? How do they engage with the world? Learning about their motivations and personal stories we gain a greater insight into their inventive work, their artistic viewpoint and into the nature of creativity.

Tristan Manco


Un pays neuf, bourré d’envies, en plein essor. des mecs et des filles fiers qui puisent aux racines de leur culture pour peindre les murs de leurs villes. Une génération de street-artists devenus rois des galeries d`art, qui voyagent, s’exportent et triomphent dans le monde entier.
Loin des clichés football-samba-capoeira, c’est aussi ça le Brésil des années Lula.
Un peintre parisien part rencontrer ses pairs. Six capitales fédérales. Du Nordeste au Rio Grande du Sud. `A chaque ville sa culture, son histoire, son style de peinture: Belo Horizonte, Recife, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, Rio. Dix mois `a arpenter, peindre, dessiner, rencontrer, partager, squatter. Une autre façon de voyager. Une plongée au coeur d’une scene graffiti unique au monde.

Merci beaucoup Julien SETH Malland


The journey to the mural art continues.

More than 120 muralists and organizations from all over the world, from Europe to Africa, from America to Asia and Oceania, present 1000 murals and guide us to their colourful and symbolic world.
The murals presented in this book are painted on public surfaces and created on huge surfaces with all kinds of techniques: from graffiti and stencil to trompe l`oeil.
Welcome to the «Mural Art Vol.3» world. 

Tk`s Kiriakos Losifidis